Leandro Diana is a Sicilian born and raised singer/songwriter and guitarist. After hundreds of gigs with countless acts in his hometown, his guitars have flown to Milan (Italy) where, by the night time, his bluesy licks have been lent to some of his most talented buddies like the Chicagoan rock'n'roll poet Brad Mormino and the Sicilian blues master Angelo Morabito. However it's not easy to recognize him in the daylight, the morning after a gig, as he conceals his rock'n'roll attitude under his lawyer suits and ties. "Postcards from Nowhere" is his first self produced and released album, encompassing the most significant songs he wrote in the last 20 years. Seventy minutes of Americana tinged Classic Rock showcasing his taste for bright melody, bluesy slide licks and electric twang, with solid drums (provided by Deneb "Mr. Cool" Bucella), a bass powerful and silky (courtesy of groove master Giorgio Travaini), a soulfully whirling Hammond organ (displaying the signature of lifelong partner in crime Giuseppe Diana). Italian and English lyrics (with a Sicilian folk detour) telling stories and painting soul landscapes.